Celebrating World Refugee Day 2019 in Cameroon

World Refugee Day in Cameroon was marked by several activities held from 14th to 20th June 2019 at various camp sites. In the Eastern region, a march was held in a show of solidarity with refugees. Participants came from the community, UNHCR partners and local NGO’s in Bertoua and Batouri on 14th June. The key message was informing the wider community of the important work that NGOs undertake in supporting refugees.

Between 17th-19th June, community level activities involving football & handball matches and educational talks were conducted in the various refugee camps in line with the theme.

On 20th June, the different regions (East, North, Adamaoua and far North) gathered at the UNHCR planned celebration with partners, refugees, local community and public authorities at camp sites within their respective regions.

World Refugee Day 2019 in Cameroon

In the East, activities were held mainly at Mbile with regional authorities, site managers and refugees in attendance. AIRD staff from Bertoua and Batouri joined the day’s march and also exhibited AIRD’s work. A few AIRD staff from Bertoua joined refugees in Tongo Gandima to celebrate with them. In Adamawa region, celebrations took place at Meiganga. AIRD staff took part in a march and thereafter showcased their work through an exhibition. The day was spiced up with cultural dances, speeches and poems from refugees and other community groups.

In the North, celebrations were held at Helbao where AIRD staff from Touboro participated in the scheduled activities including an exhibition. In the Far North, festivities were held in Minawao, where some AIRD staff from Maroua received certificates of appreciation for the good work done in support of refugees.

World Refugee Day 2019 in Cameroon



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