District officials commend AIRD’s contribution in helping refugees

Government officials in the Northern districts of Yumbe and Arua commended AIRD for the timely response and well fare of refugees. They were addressing AIRD BOD Members, Management and staff during the 10th anniversary visit to Arua and Yumbe district headquarters on the 26th and 27th September 2017 respectively.

The Arua district Resident Commissioner Mr. Peter Debele appreciated AIRD for its timely response to refugees hosted by the district and provision of durable solution such as infrastructure. Arua district hosts South Sudanese refugees in Rhino and Imvepi refugee settlements.  Mr. Debele said the structures set up by AIRD such as roads are not only used by refugees but locals too and they have eased transportation in the district. He also applauded AIRD staff for their hard work and commitment to serving refugees.  “I also congratulate AIRD for the 10th Anniversary milestone, this is a testament of resilience and commitment to service,” he added. 

Mr. Debele also pledged continued support to AIRD in implementation of its activities.  The district Chairman of Yumbe Mr. Shabaan Yassin commended AIRD for initiating a tree planting drive to address environmental challenges faced by district. 

Mr. Yassin together with his team comprised deputy chairman, the district speaker, the forest officer and other dignitaries congratulated AIRD on 10 years of service.  They appreciated the contribution AIRD has made towards the development of the district infrastructure especially with road construction.  AIRD has constructed over 500Kms of roads both in Bidibidi refugee settlement and local government roads. The chairman added that AIRD’s tree planting drive came at a time when the district was grappling with the after effects of massive deforestation. Mr. Yassin said the tree cutting increased over time due to the need for land to meet shelter needs of the refugees and the need for firewood for both refugees and the local community. He added that AIRD has set a good example and hoped that other organizations would do the same.  He also commended AIRD for providing employment to the locals in Yumbe and giving contracts to local service providers.

“AIRD is empowering our people by giving them jobs to take care of their families and improve their livelihood,” he said.

Areas of work visited 26th/09/2017

The management team accompanied by the Sub Office Manager for the Arua Office Mr. George Otieno and his team visited Imvepi refugee settlement where they saw some of the ongoing activities of AIRD. The key areas visited were the Oxfam water point in Imvepi. AIRD constructed the access road to the water source to ease movement of trucks that ferry water from the source for distribution to refugees.

AIRD Team at the Oxfam water point in Imvepi where AIRD constructed access roads to ease movement of water trucks from the plant to the settlement for distribution
AIRD team at the Oxfam water point in Imvepi. AIRD Uganda Program constructed the access road to the treatment plant to ease movement of trucks ferrying water for distribution to refugees

The team also visited Logamere Primary School in Imvepi where AIRD constructed 16 Semi permanent structures to replace dilapidated classrooms that were being used. The school has an enrolment of 4500 pupils both South Sudanese and locals.

The team also visited the Red Cross water pumping site at R.Nile where AIRD has constructed an access road to ease movement of water trucks while fetching water.


The team visited the reception center of Bidibidi refugee settlement which AIRD constructed in under a week to meet the influx of South Sudanese refugees. They were met by the Office of the Prime Minister Settlement Commandant Mr. Robert Baryaomugisha.  He applauded AIRD for the good partnership that it has developed with OPM and UNHCR over the 10 years. “The partnership we have with AIRD has been built because of the professionalism, flexibility and commitment to delivering the given activities aimed at meeting the needs of refugees,” Baryaomugisha said. He said that the OPM would continue supporting AIRD and ensuring that refugees are treated with dignity in all the settlements around the country.   After this visit, the team went to Romogi Seed Secondary School for a tree planting ceremony. The tree planting at the school was a pilot to initiate the planting of over 5000 trees AIRD donated to Yumbe district to be given to various institutions such as hospitals, schools and police posts. This was 10th Anniversary contribution by AIRD Head Office to support environmental protection in the areas of operation.


The aforementioned activities were crowned by dinner organized by AIRD White Castle Hotel in Arua. There was merry making as AIRD staff shared a sumptuous meal accompanied by drinks and cake with invited guests such as UNHCR, district officials and other UNHCR Partners.





AIRD team in a group photo with Yumbe district officials at the district headquarters
Arua district RDC Mr. Peter Debele congratulating AIRD CEO Mr. Mathias Temesgen Daniel (short sleeved shirt) on the 10th Anniversary Milestone


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