Supporting refugee livelihoods in Liberia

In partnership with UNHCR, the AIRD Liberia program is implementing a Livelihood and Social Economic Empowerment Project targeting refugees and host community members in Bahn and Saclepea/ Nimba County. The project mainly focuses on;

Cash Based Interventions (CBI) to support Income Generating Activities (IGA) where beneficiaries are trained on generating business ideas, business management, record keeping and business plan development. The trainings are undertaken before start-up funds are disbursed. Host community members are paid a fixed amount of US$ 500.00 per family, while the head of house hold in the refugee category receives US$300, with US$100 paid to each dependent in the family. In addition to cash grants, beneficiaries receive in kind assistance of structure construction. Currently, a total of 94 beneficiaries (44 pilot project and 50 second batch of cash disbursement) have received cash grant assistance, and 50 beneficiaries have trained in small business management.

Livelihoods project in Liberia

Mentoring and coaching beneficiaries in their new livelihoods and economic projects is done by the AIRD livelihood team. Weekly income reporting tools are used by beneficiaries to enable them to track income from their businesses. Livelihood coordination meetings are conducted bi-weekly with beneficiaries to share progress, challenges and lessons learned.

Technical support for agriculture production. 45 acres of upland are used for cassava, corn and vegetables production (bitter balls, eggplant, hot pepper, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and okra), while 40 acres of swamp is used for rice and vegetable production. A total of 200 refugees and 26 host community members are benefiting from agriculture activities in peaceful co-existence project to enhance local integration with the host community.

Livelihood projects in Liberia



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