Supporting WASH in refugee settlements in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

DRC hosts over 533,000 refugees from Rwanda, the Central African Republic, South Sudan and Burundi who fled their countries seeking international protection. Since 2015, AIRD as the main logistics partner for UNHCR in DRC has continued to demonstrate its expertise in the WASH sector.

Our water, sanitation and hygiene(WASH) interventions mainly focus on identifying WASH infrastructural gaps and needs to improve safe access to clean water sanitation and hygiene practices so as to reduce the (public) health risks associated with poor water, poor sanitation & hygiene services and practices.

AIRD DRC has so far targeted IDPs in the former Katanga province of Tanganyika and Central African refugees in North and South Ubangui. The main focus of the WASH interventions is to improve hygiene and sanitation conditions of refugee populations in the camps by facilitating access to basic services like showers, latrines, etc.

To date, 1,829 family latrines have been constructed in 15 villages within Nyunzu territory, and 3 Villages in Mitwaba territory. AIRD has constructed 1,200 emergency latrines and 1,200 showers in 3 Central African refugee camps including 400 showers & 400 latrines in each of the following; Mole (Zongo), Boyabu (Libenge) and in Inke (Gbadolite).

With the above facilities in place, the interventions have enabled the refugees access to improved sanitation and hygiene practices which has reduced diseases, promoted good hygiene practices and improved living conditions and livelihood opportunities.



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