Tanzania Program’s two day Anniversary celebrations

On the 3rd of August 2017 Tanzania Program donated branded bed sheets and dustbins to all district hospitals where AIRD operates.  These included Kasulu General Hospital which received 75 pairs of bed sheets, Kibondo district Hospital that received 50 pairs, 25 pairs were given to Kakonko General Hospital and 25 pairs to Mpanda General Hospital.  Each of the hospitals also received 5 dustbins. The donation was a 10th anniversary contribution to appreciate communities for the support they offered to the organization through the 10 years of service.

 The hospital officials who received the donations commended AIRD’s contribution not only to the hospitals but also to the Persons of Concern. They added that the donations would cater for the critical needs of the hospital as they didn’t have enough beddings and lacked dustbins.

The second day event on 4th of August 2017 was about fun and games. The participating teams from Old Settlements (OS) and North Western (NW) Districts of Tanzania were given AIRD branded sportswear. The teams comprised of both AIRD staff and locals. The NW team won the match 4-3 goals.  This was followed by a marathon of 400 meters for both women and men, sack race and tag of war games. Winners were all awarded prizes presented by AIRD’s Board Patron Mr. Charles Kirenda.   The staff had a dinner in the evening where they were entertained by a local cultural group. They also heard speeches from representatives of UNHCR IPs, UNHCR, the Country Program Director Ms. Sylvia Babirye, Board Patron Mr. Charles Kirenda, a National staff and the guest of honour Mr. Collonel Guguti the District commissioner of Kasulu.  The staff and guests were also entertained by one of their own, Lydia Mbigo who composed a song about AIRD and its achievements in Africa.

One of the Program senior staff handing over dustbins to Mpanda General hospital management staff
Tanzania Program staff at the dinner held at Kasulu Teacher's college Hall. They wore matching clothes made out of Kitenge cloth
Branded bedsheets donated to various hospitals


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