A Site Visit From Our Partners Elevates Engagement In Cameroon

A Site Visit From Our Partners Elevates Engagement In Cameroon

Representative of UNHCR in Cameroon, Mr. Olivier Guillaume Beer, is guided by AIRD officials on a site visit at the Gado Badzere refugee camp.

It is through the support of our donors that AIRD is able to achieve its vision and mission of building communities of resilient people who have been forced to flee their homes. It is therefore an honour to receive representatives from our donor/partner organizations and to facilitate their engagements with beneficiaries in order to understand the true impact of the services we provide on the ground.

On September 02, 2020, the Gado Badzere refugee camp in eastern Cameroon received a visit from the Representative of UNHCR in Cameroon, Olivier Guillaume Beer, as part of his familiarization tour in the eastern regions of Adamaoua. Receiving Mr. Beer in this capacity was very fitting for AIRD as the Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) agency in Gado Badzere. As the CCCM agency, AIRD is responsible for activities in the camp related to temporary assistance and protection activities. This ensures that there is equitable access to assistance, protection, and services for displaced people living in camps, to improve their quality of life and dignity while seeking and advocating for sustainable development initiatives. AIRD works with the different implementing partners in the camp and through dialogue with displaced people to ensure their actual needs are met.

During Mr Beer’s visit, he was warmly welcomed by representatives of different partner organisations as well as village leadership. Following welcome remarks, Mr. Beer spoke and thanked the people of Gado for being so accommodating and hospitable to refugees. He acknowledged that much still has to be done to improve living conditions and facilitate social cohesion as well as peaceful cohabitation between refugees and host populations. Mr. Beer was then invited to two focus sessions with women and men of the camp. Issues discussed included:

  • Promoting the process of empowerment by providing refugees with mechanical means for a scale activity (tractors, plows, etc.)
  • Providing clarification on durable solutions regarding resettlement
  • Advocating with states to stabilise the security situation to facilitate the return of refugees
  • The maintenance of food assistance for the most vulnerable

Mr. Beer shared a strategic plan which will focus mainly on the empowerment process. He explained that it is more important to strengthen empowerment funding, rather than maintaining food assistance. It is through this that sustainable development can be achieved and displaced people can maintain autonomy over their lives, and be prepared to return to their homes ready to thrive. AIRD is honoured to play a supporting role in ensuring this plan is fulfilled for the people of this area.