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The African Initiatives for Relief and Development (AIRD) is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit making NGO with Country Program Offices in Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic,  Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Niger, Tanzania, and Uganda. AIRD’s objective is to offer operational support, including but not limited to: supply chain, logistics, construction, infrastructure, environment, livelihoods and WASH in partnership with relief and development organizations that focus on disaster-affected and development oriented areas. AIRD delivers for and through partners including but not limited to UN Agencies, international and national donor organizations and governments.

The Emergency Response Roster
Humanitarian Professionals who would like to work with AIRD can now join our Emergency Response Roster. The Roster will facilitate emergency recruitment for both External and Internal candidates.

Being a fast paced and growing organization, AIRD will in situations including but not limited to supporting either existing country programs in both routine and emergency response, or to initiate a new program in a new location, require additional capacity in short notice. In such situations the Roster helps our country offices get critical support without delay.
AIRD is now inviting highly qualified persons with appropriate experience to apply to be in the AIRD Emergency Response Roster list ready for deployment as needed.  Please note that we are seeking a variety of profiles.  Successful Applicants’ details are added to our Emergency Response Roster and will be contacted as required.  Deployment may be within a week’s notice or less.

Please note that we are seeking candidates who are fluent in English and French.

Recruitment, Selection and Hire of Candidates shall be on rolling basis.

How to Join:

For details of each profile please click the respective link from the below list;

  1. Positions to be filled include:
  2. Country Program Directors: To apply please visit: 
  3. Finance and Administration Managers: To apply please visit:
  4. Operations Managers: To apply please visit:
  5. Sub Office Manager: To apply please visit:
  6. Shelter Manager: To apply please visit:
  7. Program Manager: To apply please visit:

Qualified females are encouraged to apply