AIRD in the fight against COVID-19

AIRD in the fight against COVID-19

AIRD is committed in the highest sense to doing whatever it takes to slow down and eventually end the spread of COVID-19. As borders open up in many of our program countries, we remain fully committed to supporting our teams and the displaced people we serve. We appreciate the confidence our donors have in us by entrusting us to implement activities specific to managing the spread of COVID-19 in our different countries of operation and among persons of concern.

In Niger the importance of education and raising awareness, setting up isolation centres and social distancing was identified early. AIRD, under the mandate of UNHCR, was selected as one of the partners to ensure these activities were undertaken effectively. AIRD supported with setting up a screening site at the national stadium Seyni Kountché in Niamey. This site, built with Refugee Housing Units, has the capacity to accommodate 100 patients/beds. 3 additional screening centers are were also set up in Tahoua, Agadez and Diffa with AIRD providing support in the form of transportation of materials (RHU) from the warehouse in Maradi to the sites.

In the Republic of Congo, we worked with UNHCR to implement activities in the two areas of Likouala and Plateaux to improve access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) for the benefit of displaced people, asylum seekers and the local population. An awareness campaign was been launched in Betou where 5,345 people were made aware of barrier gestures in connection with government measures in the Republic of Congo in order to curb the spread within the framework of the COVID project. 14 Refugee Housing Units were installed as COVID-19 isolation rooms.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, we supported UNHCR in identifying potential isolation sheds for refugees. In addition to this, disinfection of our different premises was undertaken and testing of staff done to further minimise the possibility of spread of the virus.

We applaud the incredible work of health workers globally fighting on the frontlines of this pandemic, and the governments providing an enabling environment for this fight. We reiterate advice from the World Health Organisation and encourage everyone to continue maintaining social distancing and washing hands regularly. We will continue to fight for the rights of displaced people and refugees so that, they too, will continue to stay safe.

Disinfection activities of schools in Brazzaville and Betou, Republic of Congo