Active in 12 countries

About us

AIRD was founded in 2006 in Kampala, Uganda by a small group of individuals who envisioned an African initiated organisation that could deliver world class humanitarian support for those displaced by conflict and other disasters.

Our key focus areas have been transportation of refugees & nonfood items (logistics) and extensive construction & infrastructure developments including shelters, bridges, hospitals, schools, roads etc. Other activities include fuel management, fleet management, warehouse management, workshop management and WASH. Our programmes also work hand in hand with partners on a smaller scale to provide development support in the way of livelihoods.
In all active countries of operation, AIRD has established itself as a prequalified and certified Implementation Partner (IP) for UNHCR. We have also worked as an IP for organisations such as the World Food Program (WFP), UNICEF and USAID in specific country programs.

AIRD is a recognised steward of resources that has established strategic alliances and created linkages with respective country Governments and between sister organizations. This is through leveraging grants, donations and funding to undertake the important work that we do for Persons of Concern.

Each year AIRD’s capacity to serve refugees, Internally Displaced Persons and host communities has increased with an average annual budget of $35 million to date.

Although originally founded with the broad goal of ‘enhancing human dignity, equity and peace in developing countries’, over time, AIRD’s Vision & Mission statements were revised to reflect our dedicated focus on providing a range of critical services for displaced persons and their host communities.

Over 1,600 staff

Our Team

Without the incredible efforts of our staff across all ten operations, we would not be able to create the kind of impact we do for People of Concern (PoC). Our people are our greatest strength. At the end of 2021, the AIRD family consisted of 1,638 (1,580 national and 58 international staff) who worked to deliver protection and durable solutions to PoC. Both national and expatriate staff provided extensive technical expertise in managing the implementation of the organization’s objectives. These individuals have helped to form highly motivated and hardworking teams, ready to deliver through good and tough conditions.

Board of Directors

1. Eng. Banteyehun Haile - Chairperson of the Board
2. Mrs. Speciosa Kabwegyere - V/Chairperson
3. Mr. Charles Kirenda- Member & Patron of the G.A

4. Mr. Alemayehu Fisseha - Member
5. Mrs. Almaz Gebru - Member
6. Mr. Fikru Abebe Abebe- Member

Expert People

Leadership Team

Fikru Abebe Abebe

Chief Executive Officer

Merc Meyer

Director of Programs

Oumar N'diaye

Director - Business Development and Strategic Partnerships