The busy AIRD logistics base in Diffa, Niger.

The wide array of vehicles that make movements possible for displaced people and the people who work diligently to improve their circumstances must be managed and maintained to ensure seamless continuity of these services. Under the right of use agreement, AIRD is entrusted with managing the fleet and transportation requirements of our partners. AIRD oversees the running of hundreds of trucks, buses, light vehicles and motorbikes to ensure the transportation of refugees, staff, donors and other implementing partners in all our areas of operation. Fleet management is an extremely critical part in international humanitarian work given the high costs involved in transportation and yet it is extremely vital for success in this field. The poor infrastructure and rough environmental conditions faced in the fulfilment of humanitarian work in many places means that the experience and expertise that AIRD brings allows other organisations to have peace of mind

We appreciate the importance and value of utilizing technology to improve the way we work. In that regard, we are pleased to have worked in partnership with UNHCR to introduce the FleetWave management system in 2019 in some of our programs. FleetWave will allow for easier monitoring and reporting on the entire fleet of vehicles we manage including aspects such as total numbers and maintenance status. The system also enables easy and timely reporting through improved and enhanced data management within the system.