The Aru fuel station tank in DRC, serving staff and partners.

AIRD provides support for the uninterrupted movement of the hundreds of vehicles under our management for donors, other Implementing Partners and our staff through the strict supervision of fuel issuance and usage. AIRD handles the storage and distribution of fuel (petrol and diesel) for staff and other Partners who trust us to handle all aspects related to this work. Our wide network of staff across all operations are entrusted with the task of storage, distribution, tracking and reporting of fuel usage on a daily basis. The vast majority of refugee and Internally Displaced Peoples camps are located in very remote areas. This means that large amounts of fuel are required to service the vehicles reaching these areas, as well as the generators that help to power equipment, reception centres, hospitals, schools and food storage

Year on year, AIRD has been able to oversee these operations while ensuring that our partners can get on with the business of delivering goods and services with the confidence that we will manage their fuel needs sufficiently. With systems in place to facilitate monitoring, tracking and reporting, our partners can rest assured that their vehicles and assets will be provided for whenever required.

In looking forward towards environmentally sustainable alternatives, we are pleased to work with our donors in making these options a reality. Environmental protection and sustainability is of the utmost importance and we look forward to increasingly working on initiatives to promote these across our programs.