Lokudu primary school constructed by AIRD to serve students in the Haut-Uélé province, Democratic Republic of Congo.

A place to stay, a classroom to study in, a hospital for the sick or a road connecting villages. It is difficult to begin to rebuild lives without the right infrastructure in place. In all our areas of operations, we are entrusted with building the structures that enable displaced people and their host communities to access basic needs such as shelters to live in, administration offices and education in appropriate settings.

The programs in partnership with our donors continue to support both new constructions and rehabilitation works. These construction works have been led by teams of professional engineers consisting both national and expatriate staff. Construction works include the building of classrooms, drilling boreholes, bridges, emergency shelters, latrines with sanitary facilities, upgradable family shelters, and transitional shelters. AIRD also hands out transitional shelters to refugees who are capable of managing their own construction with guidance. Shelters contribute to reduction in common safety and protection related risks in settlements camps that very often affect women and girls. The construction of learning centres enhances opportunities for refugee and host community children to receive a decent education.

The road and bridge networks which AIRD constructs or rehabilitates connect camps and villages and ease delivery of critical items and services. To facilitate administration in and around camps, we have also supported with construction of several government and humanitarian offices in our various areas of operation.