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    Providing access to much needed water in the Sahel region, Burkina Faso.

    AIRD programs continued to promote access to clean and safe water for refugees’ and selected members of host communities. Through water trucking programs in three country programs, a total of 107,754,220 litres of water were supplied to refugee communities, health centres, schools, and reception/transit centres in 2019. The Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Uganda trucked 399,000 litres, 637,000 litres and 106,617,800 litres respectively.

    To improve access to safe water, our program in DRC drilled 13 new boreholes and also rehabilitated 15. In Burkina Faso, 20 boreholes were rehabilitated to ensure water safety. The programs also supported water quality tests to guarantee safety. In the Republic of Congo, the results from the water points revealed that the physicochemical and bacteriological qualities of water are acceptable and guarantees public health in accordance with WHO quality standards. For all open wells, chlorination was done regularly to guarantee safety for consumption.

    The different construction and rehabilitation works have continued to support People of Concern with clean and safe water, leading to improved living conditions. Importantly, provision of sanitation and hygiene facilities helps to promote cleanliness within the refugee settlements resulting in reduced cases of disease outbreak in the year.