Activities – Construction & Infrastructure

Amid increasing violence and deteriorating conditions, the situation in South Sudan has escalated to a full-blown humanitarian emergency. The total number of South Sudanese refugees has now passed 2 million and it is the largest refugee crisis in Africa. After Syria and Afghanistan, it is the third largest refugee crisis in the world. Sadly, 63 percent of South Sudanese refugees are under the age of 18 (UNHCR, 2022).

The majority of those fleeing South Sudan are women and children. They are survivors of violent attacks, sexual assault, and in many cases, children are traveling alone. 

Often, they arrive at settlement camps weak and malnourished. When the rainy season comes, their needs are compounded by flooding, food shortages and disease. 

The program’s major focus of work, in partnership with UNHCR, will be in the implementation of UNHCR’s 2022 programme entitled “Protection and assistance to asylum seekers and refugees in South Sudan”. Specifically, AIRD’s specific involvement will be in the setting up of infrastructure in the Maban county, located in the Upper Nile State of South Sudan.