When civil war broke out between M23 rebels and FARDC in DRC, many families got displaced internally and moved from Kithanga(Masisi Territory) to Rutshuru(another territory) for safety.

Delphine and her family were among those affected by the conflict and were forced to move to a more peaceful area. While in Rutshuru, she got interested in practical training skills in local construction and carpentry, an initiative that was organised by AIRD to skill displaced and host populations. These activities are part of the project, “Humanitarian Assistance in Shelters and WASH for the population of North and South Kivu.

Delphine did not let the resistance from her family who believe that girls do not do construction hinder her from achieving her dream. She believes that this project is a great opportunity to contribute to the empowerment of people affected by conflict in Eastern Congo. AIRD facilitators talked to parents who were discouraging their daughters from being part of the program and encouraged them to be of support. As a result, 5 more girls joined the training and are excelling in the different activities involved like building shelters for many internally displaced people. From this, they have been able to earn a living and meet the expenses of their personal needs and those of their families which is eradicating poverty in their community.

Through this project, AIRD has been able to give Hope to those that have been internally displaced through availing opportunities of earning a source of income.

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