In the heart of the Pagrinya Activity Center in the Adjumani district, lives a community that had been strained by water. The community members had to walk long distances to collect water and this was very burdensome as some went hungry as they had no water to cook food or boil for drinking.

Due to this challenge, AIRD got a generator and fueled it so that it could reduce the existing burden. This generator brought hope to the bustling community. Felix, the one in charge of operating the generator spoke with pride about the generator’s benefits to the community.

‘’We use it to run machines, which help build and repair essential items for the settlement,’’ he explained. It also allows us to boil water making it safe to drink and provides light through the bulbs during the night as there is no electricity in some parts of the community.

The generator’s impact is profound. The clean and safe water pumped by the generator keeps everyone healthy and the machines powered enable a range of activities since the generator is the only source of power.

From the onset, this generator is the heartbeat of the people of Pagrinya, a beacon of hope and progress for the entire community. Due to its functionality, water-related diseases have stopped, families have lived happier and community members have devoted more time to income-generating activities gardening, and running retail shops.

Written by Fiona Poni
Communication Intern

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