When Nyenen left Khartoum due to the insecurity that was there, she was worried and concerned about what life would be like in a foreign land. She was hurt that she had left behind her friends and the people she had known for 15 years.

When she arrived in Uganda, together with her family, she was transported by African Initiatives for Relief & Development to Kali settlement camp in Palorinya, Moyo district, a place she has called home since. Upon arrival, she got a good reception and even enrolled in school which she is enjoying.

As she was in the camp, she saw an AIRD bus that was bringing other refugees to the settlement. A group that was from her hometown. “ When I see the bus, my heart is filled with joy because I am going to reunite with my people, we are going to be one big family and live in one community,” she says.

She further states that living together will make them feel close to their home in Khartoum, South Sudan which will give them the ability to live comfortably since they have each other to lean on.

Written by Fiona Pori
Communications Intern

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