In the heart of Africa lies Burundi, a nation rich in culture and history but troubled by political instability. The year 2015 marked a significant turning point for many Burundians as political unrest erupted, forcing thousands to flee their homes in search of safety. Among those displaced was Sady, a 54-year-old father and husband, who, along with his family, embarked on a journey fraught with uncertainty and peril.

Sady lived a modest life in Rumonge, Burundi with his wife, Vastina, and their four children. They cherished their community and the peace that once enveloped their daily lives. However, the political turmoil of 2015 shattered that tranquility. The escalating violence and unrest left Sady with no choice but to protect his family by seeking refuge beyond the borders of their homeland.

The decision to leave was heart-wrenching. The family faced a perilous journey, traversing hostile terrains and braving the unknown. They left behind everything familiar, carrying only the hope of finding safety and a future for their children. Sady’s resilience was tested as he navigated the complexities of refugee life, striving to maintain a semblance of normalcy for his family.

After years of displacement, a beacon of hope emerged. African Initiatives for Relief & Development, dedicated to repatriating refugees, transported Sady and his family, including 600 others, back to Burundi. With a Country that is now peaceful, Sady is positive and he believes he will rebuild his life from scratch. ” AIRD got me home, now that I am here and surrounded with peace, I will bring back my glory; he says.



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