“I am very grateful to AIRD for bringing us home safely. I thank the Government of Burundi for welcoming us with love” says Sady.

Sady, 54 is married to Vastina, 41 and together they have four children. Their children are Lason,14, Safil, 10, William, 9 and Agnes 5.

This family left their community in Rumonge in 2017. They left due to the effects of war in 2015 that had been caused by political unrest. Several people were reportedly killed and low-level violence continued in the months and years after. This forced many people to flee to the neighboring countries for safety.

For close to 7 years, Sady and his family were away from home. On 13th March 2024, they returned. “We are very happy to be back home. We are proud to be Burundian and glad it is a peaceful country now. Being away from home is very bad because you are away from everyone and everything you love” Sady states.

Now that he is back home with his family, he will plan for a better future for them and re-settle back comfortably. To help him start with ease, the government and other partners gave him items ranging from kitchen sets, solar lamps, a phone, and money among others.

This family is among over 600 refugees who returned from Tanzania on the 13th of March 2024. Many more will continue to come in and AIRD will ensure that they are transported safely from their host countries back to Burundi. Being part of this joyful story contributes significantly to empowering communities to thrive.


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