Bhan Gor’s life in South Sudan had never been easy, the escalating war did not make it any better. Her life was turned into a living nightmare in a blink of an eye.

At 27 years old, she found herself as a single mother, solely responsible for her six children in a land where safety was a distant memory, especially after losing her husband to war. Together with her children, they walked for days making their throats patch for water and stomach ache from hunger. Bhan’s only hope was that every step would bring them to a peaceful land.

When they finally reached Elegu, a town in the Northern region of Uganda, they were provided with water and food. Her relief was palpable, but the journey was far from over. UNHCR coordinated with African Initiatives for Relief and Development (AIRD) to transport them to Nyamazi Reception.
AIRD’s intervention brought significant changes to their lives. They received clean water, basic shelter, and access to medical care. For Bhan, these changes were a lifeline. She began to hope again for survival and a future where her children could thrive. This was the beginning of it!

Written by Fiona Poni
Communication Intern
Adjumani field office

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