Jany Michael Top is a 33-year-old father of three; who found himself in a dire situation. War had broken out in his home in North Sudan last year on 15th April 2023, shattering the lives of countless families including that of his nephew. He watched his nephew being shot. From that horror, he decided to leave with his children to safety.

Following the difficulties they faced due to the war, Jany decided to gather his family and what they could carry at that time and set off on foot heading towards South Sudan. The journey was grueling and perilous because of the long days under the scorching sun, with no food or water.
Amidst all the turmoil, they reached Elego where they met the UN and other patterning organizations that cater for refugees like African Initiatives for Relief & Development(AIRD). On arrival, they were offered necessities, like food, water, and medical care.

After a few days in Elego, Jany and his family were transported by AIRD to the Adjumani Nyamanzi Refugee settlement in Uganda for registration.
The journey was a whirlwind, but upon arrival, they were given a semblance of stability. He found solace in the safety of his new environment. Life was improving and giving hope as his children began to find new friends.

In due course, AIRD relocated them to the Palorinya refugee settlement camp. The transition was smoother and Jany is hopeful that he will settle in since he is far from the uncertainties of war. The settlement provided better facilities and a stronger sense of community. He is hoping to work together with his family to lay roots in the new area, find a new job, and hopefully see his children go back to school again.

Jany Michael Top’s story is marked by resilience and the unyielding spirit to survive, protect his family, and build a life from the ashes of the war.
He gives thanks to AIRD for the support and other partnering Organizations to see that they have better lives.

Written by Fiona Poni

Communications Intern

Adjumani Field Office

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