AIRD Burkina Faso Country Program Director, Insa Sama, visits the office of the UNHCR representative with the Order of Merit

AIRD teams across different country programs work very hard to improve the conditions of displaced people and their host communities. We work with some of the most reputable global organisations such as the UNHCR to make this possible and we are immensely grateful for their support. When our work is recognised and appreciated, it enhances the pride of our people and provides continued motivation as they go about delivering to Persons of Concern and our partners. It is for this reason that we are pleased to share that AIRD in Burkina Faso was recently awarded one of the highest honours in the country – the rank of Knight of the Order of Burkinabe Merit.

AIRD Burkina Faso was awarded for its work in the implementation of logistics, WASH, Shelter, CCCM and energy activities for the benefit of Malian refugees and internally displaced persons. This was possible thanks to the combined efforts of the entire Burkina Faso team in partnership with UNHCR since establishment of the AIRD country office there in 2012.

In Burkina Faso, the National Order of Merit is the second national order aimed at honoring citizens or organizations and is issued by the Presidency of the Republic of Burkina Faso. It rewards distinguished merits acquired either in a public, civil or military function, or in the exercise of a private activity. The award cannot be applied for. The National Order of Merit is made-up of Knights, Officers, Commanders, Grand Officers and Grand Cross.

Political unrest in the country in January 2022 meant that the award could not be handed over to the team by the President but it was nonetheless delivered to AIRD Country Program Director, Insa Sama.

To show appreciation for the immense support accorded to the AIRD over the years, the Country Program Director visited the representative of the UNHCR and his team at their offices with the award. The UNHCR team expressed their pride and commended AIRD for this achievement. The UNHCR representative shared that it is testament to the positive impact our activities are having in the lives of displaced persons and host communities in different regions of the country.

The AIRD team in Burkina Faso was greatly motivated by the award and all reiterated their commitment to put forward additional effort to lift the standard of AIRD even higher.

Congratulations to AIRD Burkina Faso!