Nasana Abubark’s dream was to become a medical doctor, studying at the prestigious University of Coldifornia in Khartoum. She envisioned a future where she would heal the sick and bring hope to her community. However, the harsh reality of conflict shattered her aspirations, thrusting her into a journey of survival.

She walked with a group of many others from Khartoum via Malakan in South Sudan until she reached Elego where she was received by the UN and later transported by the African Initiative for Relief and Development(AIRD) to Nyamanzi giving them signs of hope.

Nasan was joyous to see the many beautiful types of scenery as they were transported by AIRD to the Kirayadongo Refugee settlement in Uganda. The lush landscapes rolling hills and vibrant sunsets momentarily distracted her from the o overwhelming uncertainty about her family’s whereabouts. Despite the pain of separation, the natural beauty offered a semblance of peace.

Upon arriving at Kirayandongo, Nasan marveled at the organized settlement. Tents and shelters, dotted landscape, creating a temporary but hopeful community. She was assigned to a tent with other young girls, each with their own stories of loss and resilience. They quickly formed a bond sharing dreams and fears under the starry nights.

Nasan is hoping that she will one day get the opportunity to go back to school and finish her medical course that was shattered by the insecurities in her Country.

Written by Fiona Poni

Communications Intern

Adjumani Field Office

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