When civil war breaks out in a Country, it is the civilians that suffer the most. If it is not their property destroyed, then it is their lives at risk.

In 2015, due to the political unrest in Burundi, many civilians fled the Country and went to Tanzania in fear of the effects of violence. Kagina and Mbanishaka are brothers with a wife and children. Kagina has two children aged 11 and 9 and his brother has a 7-year-old.

Due to the unrest, they fled the Country with their families and have just returned home after 8 years. They are both glad that the government welcomed them well and is doing everything in its power to ensure they settle in comfortably.

Both brothers are excited to be back home and rebuild their lives from scratch, something they are hopeful about, considering they now have peace.

Kagina, one of the brothers thanked AIRD for making their journey smooth and also thanked the government of Burundi for bringing back peace and harmony, a factor that encouraged them to return.

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